How A Respiratory Drug Was Made Into A Weight Loss Sensation

Clenbuterol is a therapeutic medicine being used by people who have a hard time breathing smoothly. It is being used by people with asthma as bronchodilator that makes the use this to feel better in the airways relax. Usually used in tablet form by humans and in syrup preparation for veterinary medicine. This medicine is a beta 2 antagonist and it’s effects are longer lasting than most other stimulants. It affects the entire nervous system and raises the oxygen transportation within the body system. For years clenbuterol was very popular with body builders and athletes and for those people seeking weight loss.

Clenbuterol is a very effective decongestant and bronchodilator with a low level of user complaints. This is widely acceptable and being used in most countries, however, this is prohibited in some places like United States and Australia. A person taking this may achieve a steady blood levels with just a single or twice dosage everyday.

For body builders and sports enthusiasts, Clenbuterol which is commonly termed as Clen is a very effective agent to increase fat metabolism which in turn reduces the body fats of a person. Clen is being used as a fat burner because this increases the ratio of Fat-Free-Mass to Fat-Mass. A person taking Clen feels a raise in body temperature. Clen is also being used to enlarge the muscles thus many athletes and body builders are taking this drug. It has an anticatabolic effect that decreases the build up of protein in one’s body and helps enlarging the muscles.

Clenbuterol Side Effects and Dosage

Persons taking Clenbuterol might also experience some side effects like headaches, muscle cramps, restlessness/nervousness as the metabolism work faster, anxiety, tremors especially handshakes, sweating, palpitations because of the increase in heart rate, and if not properly managed, hypertension. It is also essential to follow the correct dosage in taking this drug as this might affect the heart. This commonly causes enlargement of ventricles thus can cause some complications in human heart. Some also say that it is not advisable to use Clen for more than two weeks as this may give adverse effects on the entire nervous system. In fact this seems to stop working for some people after using it in two weeks. So what is important is to use Clenbuterol in correct dosage and in moderation.